16th September 2020


This week, two incredible organisations who have worked and fought tirelessly and brilliantly on behalf of the wider events sector have published their pre-budget submissions to Government. 

You can view the National Campaign for the Arts submission HERE, and you can view the EPIC Working Group submission HERE

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge the extraordinary work to date, and to share our deep and ongoing gratitude to both of these volunteer-led, grassroots organisations.

We would like to specifically name check some of the brilliant people behind them – Angela Dorgan, Aileen Galvin, Tom Creed, Aideen Howard, Liv O’Donoghue, Georgina Jackson, Cian O’Brien & Eoghan Carrick (National Campaign for the Arts) and Sophie Ridley, Murt Whelan, Pearse Doherty, Shane Dunne, Tony Killeen, Kim O Callaghan, Michael Young and Liam Fitzgerald (EPIC Working Group).


The performing arts sector and the entertainment sector are a deeply intertwined part of the same ecology, sharing labour forces, suppliers, venues and audiences, and with many artists and careers traversing the two. We are in the business of getting as many people as we can into a room or a tent or a field, so we can weave some collective magic and make life worth living.

Both sectors are in danger of being completely wiped out.

If you care about the live events industry in Ireland – and who isn’t dreaming of the next time they can be in a jam-packed room sharing a great collective experience? – then we urge you to get involvedemail your TD, make a donation (HERE and HERE) – make some noise! #SavetheArts #thisiswhoweare


Together we are stronger.