Talent Callout
12th April 2021

Casting Callout – Show Us Your Talent

***This callout is now closed.***

Show us your talent!

We are on the hunt for extraordinary, weird, heartfelt, high octane, unique and specialist talent. Maybe you play the spoons while standing on your head, rollerskate while hula hooping, deliver extraordinary spoken word, or are blending Irish dance and hip hop? Whatever artistic moment you are crushing right now, we want to see it and hear about it. 

At THISISPOPBABY we’re passionate about explosive multi-disciplinary experiences and incredible artistic expression. We dream up new contexts for theatre, offer a glittering platform to glorious outsiders and on top of that, we know how to throw a good party.

When we make new work we look for the underdogs, the hotshots, the virtuosos, the talented weirdos and the fabulous queerdos. Our club nights WERK and our international smash hit show RIOT were both celebrations of Irish underground performance, and we are keen to grow our family. 

We may not be able to perform right now but we’re making our plans for our return to stages and the dancefloors. So, we’re looking to hear from you. You the crazy performer on Inishowen, you the fire eater in LaHinch, you the sean-nós dancer in Tallaght, you the opera singer in Baltimore, you the acrobat in Derry, you the drag performer in Clonmel. We are looking for singular and specialist talent from all corners of the island.

We want to hear from you and see you in action. We want to see your act, your party piece or that big show stopping idea you’re working towards.

We’re looking for dancers (hip hop, Irish dance, contemporary), singers, acrobats, tricksters, circus performers, spoken word artists, variety and burlesque artists. Experts, game-changers and anything beyond and in between. Surprise us!

We are creating a database of extraordinary talent islandwide, that we can draw on for future castings, shows, performance nights and festivals. 

You can submit your details on the short form HERE.
Submissions close on 3 May.

Any personal details submitted will be retained only for casting purposes and will not be shared with third parties. If at any point you wish to edit or delete this information you may contact us to do so.

RIOT Talent - Balloon Dancers