Off Plan 1
Complex Roots with Veronica Dyas
Fionnuala Gygax
13 March
In Development

Off Plan is a red-hot artistic response around community-making in Ireland today. In a series of work-in-progress double bills, we get a first look at sparks of incendiary ideas around the changing city, gender, migration, direct provision and aging.

The Last Adult Children of the Good Old Stock
Complex Roots with Veronica Dyas

D’you know who the Tuggers were, ever rummage through their wares and buy from them? D’you know what a Cheeky Charlie is? No, it’s not that! We used to sell them. D’you know where Corporation Buildings were? We used to live there.

Street Trading, hunger, coins for the meter, sheets of brown paper, tenements and dodgy loans, neighbours from heaven, and the odd one from hell. This is Dublin’s North Inner City recounted by the Women who are actually from there. Really now, they’re not pretending. This is not a show about memory – this is about lived experience, taking the action and telling the truth(s). We want you to enjoy yourselves, relax, ye can have a laugh like, it’s funny. There’ll be leaps of theatrical magic, a lot of talking and oh yeah, making stew.

Complex Roots is a group of five women in their 50’s from Dublin’s North Inner City who work weekly through drama. The core reasons to make work together is the shared lived experiences as Irish working class women from Dublin, where generational poverty and structural inequality continues to impact our lives today. The group is facilitated by artist Veronica Dyas.

With support from The Abbey Theatre 5×5, DCC Arts Department and Irish Theatre Institute.


Remember This Night
Fionnuala Gygax

It is the final night. Tomorrow we will be no more. The lights will go dark. We will cease to exist. The final curtain will come down and nobody will be there to clap. So let’s come together. 

Let’s talk about things, ask questions, write letters and put them in a bottle. Let’s dance with one another. For this one night.

Remember This Night is a live communal time capsule between a performer, a guest, a musician and the audience. 

The piece explores themes of extinction, legacy, memory and questions. Lots of questions. What are we leaving behind? What is our legacy? What would you change?

It is  an attempt to come to terms with the world we are living in, a world we are constantly told is on the cusp of collapse. It is a celebration of community, and what it means to sit in a theatre together.

Created and performed by Fionnuala Gygax. Directed by Dan Colley.


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