Peter Maybury
12-21 March
11am-10pm daily
12 March 7pm-10pm
14 March 11am-12.45/2pm-10pm
15 March 11am-6pm

Landfall: St. Patrick’s Day 2013, amidst the temporary architecture of illuminated amusements in front of Dublin’s Custom House, people are spun and twisted, flung skyward in vertiginous arcs.

St. Patrick’s Day 2014, the shell of the Anglo Irish Bank HQ lies abandoned. Occasional revellers walk past. Two years later, construction is in full flow as the building is made ready for the new Central Bank.

Landfall is an immersive sound and film installation that brings together observations on the island of Ireland as a set of geographical, social, political, and ideological conditions, charting the beat and the ballet of the changing city over much of the past decade. At the centre of this is the drummer, around which spontaneous events unfold late at night on Dublin’s O’Connell Street.

Using multiple screens simultaneously, chronology and geography are disrupted, thus correspondences across the material are explored through sequence and juxtaposition, allowing a more complex reading of the subject to emerge. Sound, dispersed across the space, is synthesised, amplified and manipulated to shape perception of the films. Through accumulation, themes of contested ground, boundaries, containment, resources, energy, systems, and structures are explored.

Landfall is an immersive sonic and visual installation from artist, graphic designer, musician and educator Peter Maybury, curated by Eamonn Doyle, Niall Sweeney & David Donohoe (Made in Dublin at Where We Live 2018). Presented in partnership with St. Patrick’s Festival.



THISISPOPBABY Directors Jennifer Jennings & Phillip McMahon
Festival Producer Lara Hickey
Marketing Manager & Associate Producer Carla Rogers
Associate Producer Natalie Hans
Production Managers Aisling Mooney & Éanna Whelan
Publicity and PR Conleth Teevan
Production Designer Emmett Scanlon
Lighting Designer Sarah Jane Shiels
Graphic Design Pony Ltd.
Festival Intern Elissavet Chatzinota
THISISPOPBABY General Manager Claire O’Neill

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