The story of Ireland’s living legend, life-long activist, club impresario, DJ and Godfather of Gay, Tonie Walsh

27 Nov-1 Dec 2018
Project Arts Centre

Tonie Walsh has been making a show of himself his whole life. He has thrown Dublin’s most seminal parties, from Flikkers to Elevator to H.A.M. He came second place in the inaugural Alternative Miss Ireland in 1987, and has even stood for election at local and national level. The city is his playground and his stage.

Known as Ireland’s Godfather of Gay, Tonie Walsh is a living legend. For decades he has fought tirelessly for civil rights – for housing rights, women’s rights, and queer rights – while the country changed around him. Legendary DJ, club impresario, historian, activist and master storyteller; Tonie tells the story of Ireland’s seismic social change from someone who has lived through it, gloriously, after dark. And he’s here to tell us why there’s still fire in his belly.

I Am Tonie Walsh is our powerful new show about active citizenship, creativity over consumption, and community. It’s a call to action about standing up for what is right – and being fabulous while doing so.

It’s all back to Tonie’s gaff.

Commissioned by THISISPOPBABY and Project Arts Centre
Funded by The Arts Council

Written By – Phillip McMahon & Tonie Walsh  Director – Tom Creed Performed by – Tonie Walsh Set & Lighting Designer – Ciaran O’Melia Sound Designer – Alma Kelliher Costume Designer – Tonie Walsh Producer – Jennifer Jennings  Production Manager – Eanna Whelan Graphic Design – Niall Sweeney, Pony Ltd. Photography – Luca Truffarelli Promotional video – Maurice O’Brien Stage Manager – Cian Mulhall

Una Mullally

“A captivating, moving, and vital piece of theatre that plunges the audience into
the emotional depths of the Irish queer experience.”

Colm Tóibín

“I want to pay special tribute to Tonie Walsh…someone to whom future generations of Irish historians will owe a great deal”

Panti Bliss

“Tonie is the Irish queer community’s master storyteller.
He is, in the Irish tradition, our “seanagaí”
He’s also a really fun drunk….Is there a bar at the show?”