Haunted / If These Wigs Could Talk Playscripts [Signed by authors]

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If These Wigs Could Talk by Panti Bliss

Meet Panti, a drag queen at fifty-four, after a lifetime of showbiz, shenanigans and making a show of herself, taking this moment to question what her purpose and place in the world is now. Via salacious stories, impassioned polemics, some seriously funny soul searching and a few unvarnished truths, 

Panti takes us from rural Mayo to London’s glittering West End to the Ambassador’s residence in Vienna where, along the way, the answer to the question presents itself when she leasts expects it. Panti warmly invites you to learn from her mistakes, laugh at her failures and revel in her triumphs.


Haunted by Tara Flynn

What happens when you hit the floor and lose all your marbles? Ask Tara Flynn: a fame-adjacent actor turned advocate for the campaign to Repeal Ireland’s Eighth Amendment. The country voted yes and the whirlwind of publicity and abuse came to an end, and crashing to the floor is where Tara found herself. Down there, she realised the whirlwind had conveniently kept her from dealing with the death of her dad.

This is one woman’s journey back from the floor. A funny, moving tale of grief, campaigning for civil rights, the offline impact of online abuse, crashing to the ground and fighting to tell your own story.

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