A provocative talks programme that amplifies and contextualises the works in Where We Live, curated and hosted by Willie White and presented in association with Dublin Theatre Festival. The talks explore the politics, imagination and desires that shape the city that we hope to call home, with topics including gentrification, nightlife, technology, identity and homelessness.

A THISISPOPBABY & St. Patrick’s Festival presentation.


Where We Belong 

9 March. 7.30pm

Who does this city belong to and who belongs here? While the narrative suggests a multicultural Dublin, how welcoming is our city, really? Is there room in the stories of rebellion and the rare auld times for different identities and the voices of new communities? With Emma Dabiri (Irish Nigerian broadcaster and Teaching Fellow, Africa Dept. School of African and Oriental Studies, London), Kathleen Lawrence (Traveller and human rights activist), Daniel Lambert (Owner Bang Bang Phibsboro, Strategy Bohemian FC, former advisor to Ireland at the United Nations New York) and more to be announced.
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Keynote: The Gentrification of the Mind

10 March. 2.30pm

A keynote address by Sarah Schulman (American novelist, playwright, AIDS historian) on the gentrification of New York City in the 1980s and 90s, in the wake of the AIDS epidemic. What happens when money squeezes out diversity? How will cities survive if they are transformed from spaces of excitement and risk into homogenous and bland places? We can see this happening all over the world, in cities like New York and London. How can Dublin develop and still keep its character?
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Playing with the City

10 March. 4.30pm

The cities of the future will be networked, hyperconnected and smart but will they be designed for citizens or corporations? In the drive for regulation and efficiency, will there be space left over for the subversion and creativity that give cities their character.  A panel discussion on the loss of character that comes with greater regulation, exploring the power and powerful forces that shape where we live and will ask if breaking the rules is sometimes the only way to make cities work better for their citizens.
With Róisín Agnew (journalist, screenwriter, itinerant city fetishist), Cllr. Claire Byrne (Green Party Spokesperson on Arts and Culture, sustainability consultant for the outdoor events industry), Hilary O’Shaughnessy (Producer, Playable Cities, Bristol), and Subset (Dublin-based Graffiti Art Collective).
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No Homes to Go To

15 March. 7.30pm

What are the real causes of the housing crisis and are there people who benefit from it – landlords, vulture funds, the political elite, NGOs? We’re not interested in having the same old conversation that goes nowhere, we need solutions now. If neither the free market nor activism have fixed the problem yet, is now the time for a truly radical approach? With Dr Dáithí Downey, Research Associate, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS), Trinity College Dublin, Erica Fleming (homeless campaigner), Orla Hegarty (School of Architecture UCD) and others.
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This Party’s Over

16 March. 6.30pm

For years, in broke and beleaguered places, outsiders have gathered underground, after dark and at the margins to cut loose and create communities. Today, speculation, gentrification and monotonous development mean that the mainstream is overwhelming and erasing  alternative spaces. How can a city flourish if there’s nowhere for different people to hang out and it’s impossible to get a party started? With Amy Lamé (American -British performer, TV Presenter, Duckie, Royal Vauxhall Tavern London), Give Us the Night (Dublin nighttime activist group) and more to be announced.
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